This version of RVRequest is new for 2017. However, the first version of this system has been in use for over three years.

01-21-2018:  Made "Added sorts for Guest by Day and Guest Summary
01-20-2018:  Made "See page as Guest" more accessible
01-19-2018:  Added request format Site Type by Day
09-16-2017:  Version 2 is ready for full usage!
09-14-2017:  Page Views and Sample Park demo completed.
09-07-2017:  Begin Beta testing.
09-07-2017:  Complete Alpha testing.
09-07-2017:  Requests filtered by RV Length and Site Type.
09-07-2017:  Add RV park personalization with background and logo.
09-07-2017:  Add hiding sites offline for site maintenance.
09-07-2017:  Request page text simplified.
09-07-2017:  Help added to all entry pages.
08-29-2017:  Lessons documented.
08-27-2017:  System is ready for testing.
08-23-2017:  Seven new Request Page formats.
06-30-2017:  First draft of site completed.
03-31-2017:  RVRequest web site Version 2 creation began.

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